Vibratory Loss-in-Weight Pharmaceutical Feeder for Gravimetric Feeding of Free-flowing to Difficult-flowing Powders

The K-PH-ML-D5-KV2 vibratory loss-in-weight feeder is designed for the low rate addition of difficult flowing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s). Typical applications include vibratory feeding of cohesive API’s that normally would build up when fed via standard twin screw configurations.

The K-PH-ML-D5-KV2 offers an easy-to-clean design, suitable where quick and easy cleaning is essential. The removable tray and end covers allow accessibility and ease in cleaning, and the 3-liter inlet funnel transition hopper is designed at a 65 degree slope for optimal flowability into the vibratory tray.

Unit offers a 20 liter extension hopper with optional lid, along with inlet tri-clamp and sanitary flexible bellows for complete isolation of the feeder. A lid option is also available with a sanitary vent filter which is affixed by a tri-clamp. All tri-clamps are FDA plastic bio-clamp construction, to minimize the overall weight of the feeder, and maximize feeder accuracy. The discharge tray terminates to a tri-clover ferrule, with sanitary Pharma FDA silicone bellows for connection to the process below.

The specialty vibratory feeding principle, coupled with Coperion K-Tron’s patented load cells and KCM controller, ensure high accuracy feed for even the most difficult flowing products.  This feeder is ideal for continuous pharmaceutical operations, such as continuous extrusion, granulation, mixing and coating.

Coperion K-Tron pharmaceutical feeder designs are engineered to meet the rigid requirements of the industry, including cGMP standards as well as the use of FDA approved and certified materials of construction. Pharmaceutical feeders are available in both volumetric and gravimetric configurations, as single-screw, twin-screw and vibratory feeder designs.

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