Training at your Facility

If you have a large number of employees with the same training needs, you may want to consider on-site training at your location.  Whether it's maintenance training, operator training or both, this is a good option that can provide substantial savings, convenience and a quality training experience.  Not to mention that it can be scheduled around your timeable.

  • We customize your on-site training program specifically to the equipment you have at your facility, so there is no time wasted on covering materials that aren't relevant to your application.
  • This is a traditional classroom style of learning.  The instructor conducts the seminar using various types of media, group discussions and demonstrations on our training units.
  • Each participant receives customized reference materials. 

All participants are encouraged to participate in the hands-on portions of the seminar. 

To find out more information about seminars within North and South America, contact Tom Rickenbach at Within Europe/EMEA Asia, contact Andy Lomax at