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FeedSmart is a Microsoft® Excel 2003 Workbook designed to minimize the cost of any recipe containing up to six ingredients.

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Additional Tools and Resources

Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions on Feeder Accuracy
This popular K-Tron technical publication addresses the most common questions and concerns processors have about feeder technology and performance, and how it impacts their process.
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K-Tron Accuracy Specification Sheet
The technical essentials of feeder accuracy performance standards and measurement are addressed in this techical specification.
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K-Tron's Testing Facilities: Helping You Optimize Your Process
K-Tron's laboratory testing facilities and extensive capabilities are presented. A useful Test Planning Checklist is included along with guidelines, policies and requirements customers should be aware of when developing their applications, testing materials, and assessing feeder performance.
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Technical Paper: Total Cost of Feeding Reveals Surprising Economics 
Article provides an in-depth discussion of the costs associated with the feeder purchase decision and the economy achievable with recipe cost minimization. While it may be easy to obtain information on the acquisition cost of a new feeder line, it is more difficult to evaluate less obvious costs and potential savings of ongoing operation. Too often the savings that an efficient feeding system can produce over time are not considered at the time of purchase, and only the ‘up front’ capital cost of the equipment is reviewed initially. Like any process equipment, a feeding system costs something to acquire, performs a function, and costs something to support and sustain its ability to function as desired. Together, these three factors constitute the Total Cost of Feeding.
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