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Capture Savings Hidden in Your Current Recipes

Significantly expanded and enhanced, FeedSmart Deluxe adds a new level of functionality for processors wishing to minimize ingredient costs, evaluate options, and make the best possible decision when it comes time to purchase a new feeding system.

New features include:

  • Recipe Log - Store and retrieve up to 50 FeedSmart solution data sets
  • Savings Builder - Customize your own recipe profile to calculate processwide savings
  • QuiCalc - Instantly view the savings from any systemwide improvement in feeding accuracy
  • Auto Limit Option - Automatically infers ingredient proportion limits from current feeder accuracies when tolerances are unknown or not established, or to selectively exclude ingredients from the solution
  • Results Summary - Consolidated tabular and graphic display of solution data sets
  • System Optimization - Now toggleable to capture more savings when mixing after recipe formulation

With K-Tron's FeedSmart you can quickly compute the lowest possible recipe cost for every blend, formulation or compound you process, and calculate additional savings with improved feeder accuracy. 

FeedSmart Features and Benefits

  • Cuts costs on current recipes using your existing feeding system
  • Automatically calculates optimized recipe proportions, savings, payback time and return on investment on a new feeder or an entire feeding system
  • Conforms to product quality standards
  • Experiment with “What if?” scenarios and sensitivity analyses to quickly see the effects on savings
  • Instantly computes the efficiency of any recipe or feeding system
  • Helps identify cost-critical ingredients and feeders
  • Shows why it pays to feed even low-cost ingredients more accurately
  • Combines differences in suppliers' feeder performance savings with acquisition costs to make the best purchase decision
  • Export results into other spreadsheet or database programs to build your own archive or database
  • Get the most out of FeedSmart with informative 'Tips and Techniques' and 'Tech Talk' sections help you get the most out of FeedSmart
  • Works in all currencies and weight units for recipes of up to six ingredients in any continuous process

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How FeedSmart Works
FeedSmart is a Microsoft® Excel 2003 Workbook designed to minimize the cost of any recipe containing up to six ingredients.

Based on the recipe and application data you enter, FeedSmart identifies the most expensive ingredient and minimizes its presence according to the quality tolerances you've entered.

Once minimized, FeedSmart 'freezes' the ingredient and recalculates the remaining ingredients according to their relative proportions in your original recipe. Then FeedSmart moves on to the next-most-expensive ingredient to repeat the process.

Within the upper and lower tolerance limits you set for each ingredient, expensive ingredients are progressively replaced with lower-cost ingredients, minimizing total ingredient cost.

After computing the lowest-cost recipe, FeedSmart's integrated System Optimization feature automatically adjusts the recipe to assure that allowable variations in one ingredient won't cause other ingredients to violate their specified proportions in the final blend.

FeedSmart Efficiency Grid provides a clear and dynamically changing visualization of the improvement in recipe efficiency enabled in a tolerance-based approach, as well as the added savings realized through improved feeder performance 

FeedSmart Main Worksheet is where you enter your application and view the cost-minimized recipe and associated savings. Other worksheets let you see the effects of different feeder performance levels and ingredient tolerances. Register Now to Go to the FeedSmart download page. To learn more about FeedSmart, view Flash Presentation.