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Bulk Solids Solutions in Polyolefin Production

If your browser doesn't support Flash video, you can view our Polyolefin Production Video in Quick Time: Feeding & Conveying in Polyolefin Production (256 Mb). You can download QuickTime here.

Plastics Focus Series: Dry End to Wet End Polyolefin Production

Polyolefin production includes two distinctive process sections: wet-end process and dry-end phases. The wet-end process can be high pressure or low pressure. The dry-end process consists of Phase 1, called the formulation phase and Phase 2, post formulation phase. Phase 1 includes primary feeding, additive proportioning, mixing and conveying to an extruder. Phase 2 of the dry end phase is the post formulation phase. This includes extrusion, pelletizing, conveying, blending, storage and load out systems. The equipment in the formulation phase assists with the primary feed, additive supply, additive feeder refill, additive proportioning and mixing/conveying. Preview video of Phase 1 of the dry end polyolefin production process.

Food Processing Material Handling Automation Video: From Railcar to End Product Extrusion

You can also view our food processing video in QuickTime by clicking this link: Food Processing Material Handling Animation (90 Mb, Requires QuickTime. You can download QuickTime here).

This video animation visualizes many of the ways in which Coperion K-Tron can provide food processing automation solutions for food manufacturing operations. In this fly through you'll travel from raw ingredient delivery, to weighing and batching of food ingredients, to end-product feeding and conveying for mixing and extrusion.

In order of appearance, you'll see the following processes:

  • Rail and truck unloading
  • Pneumatic conveying to silo
  • Addition of major ingredients into the process (batch weigh system)
  • Gain-in-weight batching (GIW)
  • Loss-in-weight batching (LIW) Food Industry Brochure
  • Minor ingredient addition
  • Batching of major and minor premixes
  • Continuous mixing (LIW feeding and dense phase vacuum conveying)
  • Dense phase vacuum conveying
  • Extrusion via loss-in-weight powder and liquid feeding

Download Brochure:
Innovative Feeding & Material Handling Solutions for Food & Pet Food Processing

ActiFlowTM ...a new Material Flow Aid 

"Preventing Bridge-building & Ratholing of Cohesive Materials in Hoppers"

Video shows how feeding cohesive or other difficult materials results in the intermittent or inconsistent flow through the feeder’s hopper, impairing performance and halting the process. Video further demonstrates how the ActiFlow Smart Bulk Solids Activator reliably prevents bridge-building and ratholing of cohesive bulk materials before they occur, eliminating the need for mechanical vertical agitation. ActiFlow is used in loss-in-weight feeding applications.

Live ActiFlow Demonstration (EN)
Live ActiFlow Demonstration (DE)

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ActiFlow Video

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Pharmaceutical Loss-in-Weight Feeder 

"Cleaning Made Easy"

Video demonstrates how the Coperion K-Tron pharmaceutical feeder meets the requirements of today's pharmaceutical processing environment, including quick clean ease of disassembly for cleaning and screw changeover, clear separation between production and technical areas, and screw removal and feeder access from production side. All gaskets and sealing material conform to 3A / cGMP standards, with video demonstating assembly and disassembly of the K-PH-ML-KT20.

Pharmaceutical Feeder Video


Pharmaceutical Feeder Video

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Smart Weigh Belt Feeder (SWB) 

"Assemby & Disassembly Made Easy"

Coperion K-Tron's Smart Weigh Belt is the first weigh belt feeder to offer continuous online auto tare compensation. In the past, sticky products adhering to the belt of the feeder degraded weighing precision and caused the need for frequent cleaning, maintenance, and calibration. This video highlights how the Smart Weigh Belt feeder offers ease of use with auto belt tracking, improved belt tracking, and belt changing. Video demonstrates how belt is removed and then reassembled.

SWB Video

SWB Video

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"QC" Quick Change Feeder 

"Optimal Versatility in Product Feeding"

Specially designed for applications requiring the maximum possible material handling and changeover flexibility along with the convenience of fast cleaning capability,  Coperion K-Tron’s T35/S60 Quick Change Feeder is available in economical volumetric or high-performance loss-in-weight configurations

Quick Change Feeder Video


Quick Change Feeder Video

Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) Technology 

Using Positive Displacement Feeding Technology, the Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) does not use screws, augers, belts or vibratory trays to convey material. Free flowing materials are fed via a rotating channel, delivering a true mass flow as the materials are positively displaced from inlet to outlet.

Learn more. Preview Video Demonstration!

Bulk Solids Pump - QuickTime Movie  (English)
Bulk Solids Pump - QuickTime Movie (German)

Positive Displacement Feeding:
Bulk Solids Pump - 4 Zones Demonstration
Bulk Solids Pump - Lock Up Demonstration

 BSP Video

Hanging Feeder Design with 3-Point Weighing 

"Ease in Access and Maintenance"

This design allows for 3-point weighing with K-SFT-II Load Cells, ensuring high accuracy feeding.  "Hanging" loss-in-weight feeders are ideal for mounting directly over process equipment. Video features the K2-ML-T35 twin screw loss-in-weight feeder in stainless steel with Coperion K-Tron KCM control module and optional ActiFlow™ controller. Three-point suspension weighing included electropolished hopper provided as standard. Higher capacity load cells allow for larger feed hoppers. Bowl is affixed by hinge for ease in screw removal and maintenance. Hanging bowl design allows processor to access screws, seals and internal surfaces for cleaning. Video demonstrates ActiFlow which eliminates mechanical vertical agitation or flexible wall agitation.

3-Point Weighing System available for:

  • KS60, S60
  • S100
  • S500, S510
  • KT20
  • KT35, T35
  • T60
  • T80
  • BSP- all models
  • KV2, KV3 Vibratory Trays
  • Liquid Feeders
  • FB130 loss-in-weight belt feeders



3-Point Weighing Video

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Smart Flow Meter: Gravimetric Metering of
Dry Bulk Materials 

The Coperion K-Tron Smart Flow Meter is used in industries that need reliable metering,registering or monitoring bulk of material flows.

In high rate applications, the Smart Flow Meter provides high accuracy feeding, at very high feed rates of up to 200,000 dm³/hr (7,000 ft³/hr).

In addition to a lower purchase cost than a large loss-in-weight feeder, the Smart Flow Meter offers lower maintenace costs and reduced headroom.

Two are models available: K-SFM-275-A and K-SFM-350, dependant on application requirements. 

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 Smart Flow Meter Video

CHEMICAL PROCESSING MAGAZINE: "Live from PTXi (Powder and Bulk Solids Show)"  

Video features an interview by Chemical Processing Magazine's Managing Editor and Coperion K-Tron Process Group's Director of Global Sales and Marketing, in addition to an interview with the Director of Sales for the Americas and the Director of Sales for Premier Pnuematics. Find out what's new from Coperion K-Tron!

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