Food / Pet Food Processing Equipment Overview: Sanitary Feeders, Pneumatic Conveying and Automated Systems

Coperion K-Tron is a global leader in bulk material handling equipment and systems for the food industry


Video Gallery of Food Industry Material Handling Equipment and Applications

  1. Continuous mixing system with loss-in-weight feeders and dilute phase vacuum conveying equipment (animation)
  2. Food grade Smart Weigh Belt video demonstrates easy feeder's cleanability and advanced weighing technology
  3. Coperion ZRD hygienic rotary valve for sanitary food applications (animation)
  4. Live video demonstration of SFR sanitary filter receiver with optimal material-from-air separation and quick clean out
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Coperion ZRD Hygienic rotary valve
This Heavy-Duty Premium rotary valve is designed for sanitary food and pharmaceutical applications where contamination is a concern, and frequent disassembly and cleaning are required
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Photo Gallery of Food Industry Material Handling Equipment and Applications

Gravimetric and volumetric feeders, pneumatic conveying equipment and related controls are at the heart of bulk material handling systems for the food and pet food processing industries. Coperion K-Tron has years of experience in developing equipment and designing complete systems for food process applications. You can browse this photo gallery and visit our food and pet food application pages in this section to learn more about bulk material handling solutions. We have developed feeding and material handling systems for a wide variety of food processes including tortillas, bread and cake mixes, pasta, snack food, cereal, candy, cookies and crackers, ice cream, pet food and more.

ZRD Hygienic Rotary Valve (Heavy-Duty Premium)